Hello!  My name is Shayla.

I believe that food is medicine, children are people, and convention is overrated.

I live in a condo, garden at my in-laws’, and dream of a homestead.  


Even before my son was born, my life revolved around kids.  I’ve worked and volunteered with kids in homes and preschools, Mexico and Costa Rica, an orphanage and a homeless shelter, and even aboard an Alaskan cruise ship.  

All my life I felt a deep saudade for motherhood, and childcare jobs could only satisfy that longing for so long.  

Some women lose themselves when they have a baby.  When my son was born, I felt like my full self for the first time.  I was complete.  Always growing, always changing, but finally ME.

Even within the neo-hippie community of Santa Cruz, California, I’m something of a radical.  It’s funny, because most of my beliefs don’t feel radical.  They feel natural.  Instinctual.  In line with what mothers have done for most of human history.  

My goal is to empower other mamas to trust their instincts, even (especially) when it means breaking with convention.  

We can be the revolution.  

Mama Revolution